Every photo has a story to tell.

I’d like to tell yours. Hey! I’m Summer. Most days you can find me toddler wrangling my two kiddos, attempting to stay presentable, and living by the seat of my pants. I find it extremely difficult to not smile, so be prepared, I’m a very smiley gal.

I love serving the world by capturing the essence of people. Who they are and what they love. I photograph people who love to return to a moment otherwise gone- the way it felt and who you were when it was happening. The small moments that often get overlooked are my favorites: the subtle smirks, sideways glances, big toothy giggles. These fleeting moments are what it’s about. I’m totally into making people laugh and play, to enjoy the ones they are with and going on adventures.

I LOVE my work and consider myself super lucky to do something I am so passionate about. What’s your story?



Full of mischief and mayhem, these three encompass my heart. My husband, Michael, our two kiddos, Harbor and Hadley, and our little furry man, Kosmo, currently live in Vancouver, WA (right across the bridge from Portland, OR) in a 90s fixer that we are slowly beautifying! We love spending our evenings in the backyard, exploring new places and enjoying life to the fullest, which includes lazy days at home watching movies and eating junk. Born and raised as an East Coast gal from the Catskill Mountains of NY, a road trip and desire for something completely new , brought me to the PNW 14 years ago. It’s where I’ve called home ever since. Harbor and Hadley are my muses, my light bringers, my wrinkle and gray hair triggers, my playmates, and the two that are continually inspiring me to see things differently.

Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures.

-Lovelle Drachman-

Emotive Family Photographer Looks Like Film
Finalist for Best Emergent Child Photographer