Love is Love: Devin + Jess’ Waterfall Engagement


Well Hello There! This is my first blog, like ever. I might be a smidge late to the game but hey, I’ve finally gotten my ducks in a row and I’m here. From here on out, this journal will be where I give you a more in depth look at my favorite shots from recent sessions (+ past – I have a lot of catching up to do!)

This week in honor of Gay Pride month and their wedding today, I’m sharing with you an adventure engagement session I did with Devin + Jess, one of my all time favorite sessions!

One fateful night in November, Devin and Jess were introduced by a mutual friend at The Righteous Room in Cincinnati, Ohio. After this initial meeting, Jess didn’t remember Devin’s name, but Devin remembered hers! A few weeks passed and they  reconnected at Arnies and ended up talking all night. Needless to say, Jess remembered Devin’s name after that night as this is the night Jess says she knew there was something special between them. After only two weeks of officially dating, Devin asked Jess to move in with her. Three and half years later – after 4 moves, adding 2 dogs to the mix, and getting engaged- they landed in Portland, OR where they’ve made their home together.

We got lucky with a sunny day this past winter and set our sights on Silver Falls State Park as the backdrop for their engagement shoot. This park features 7 waterfalls and was reported as having little snow on the ground and was walkable without spiked shoes so it sounded ideal as the Columbia River Gorge was continually getting nailed by ice storms making that area impassable. Silver Falls was our place, the sun was shining and we had access to at least one waterfall for their photos. Trouble is, we went sight unseen and ended up not being able to find each other when we arrived – no cell service! We had unknowably stopped in different parking lots. Our meeting time came and passed and after 30 minutes, panic started to set in. I started pacing and exploring around like a mad woman with camera in hand hoping to cross paths, hoping to catch some pocket of cell phone service but had no luck! At this point I’m trying to keep it together, this park is a drive from the city and it was perfect weather- rare for that time of year, so after a solid hour of searching around, I hopped in my car and sped out the park until I found a bar of service. My worst nightmare as a photographer – no service and I can’t find my clients! We finally connected – they were headed back to Portland but luckily they were still close, so they turned around and finally, we met. What started as my worst nightmae, ended as one of my favorite sessions to date.

These two women were up for anything and I couldn’t be more grateful for their adventurous nature. They canoodled in the natural caves, smooched on the walking bridge, hiked around the moss covered forest and dealt with some serious waterfall spray from South Falls, a 177 ft curtain of water. These two amazing women are completely taken with each other and I could not be more excited for them to become wife-and-wife officially. Love is love and these two are in it deep, I’ve got the photos to prove it.    


love is love

love is love

love is love