Long Weekends at the Oregon Coast: Childhood, Family, Adventure and Coastal Magic
As I get older, I'm reminded of the importance of collecting beautiful memories and taking every chance to experience something new with the people that I love versus collecting physical gifts. This year for my birthday, I asked for a trip to the Oregon Coast. There is something about the ocean, even in the winter time, that draws me in and instantly makes me feel like I'm a world away. It's an instant chill pill so to speak. We invited another family, rented an amazing Airbnb in Arch Cape, Oregon, and waited with angst or the weekend to arrive. My birthday is in January, so I didn't have high hopes for having any sort of decent weather in ...
Love is Love: Devin + Jess’ Waterfall Engagement
Well Hello There! This is my first blog, like ever. I might be a smidge late to the game but hey, I've finally gotten my ducks in a row and I'm here. From here on out, this journal will be where I give you a more in depth look at my favorite shots from recent sessions (+ past - I have a lot of catching up to do!) This week in honor of Gay Pride month and their wedding today, I'm sharing with you an adventure engagement session I did with Devin + Jess, one of my all time favorite sessions! One fateful night in November, Devin and Jess were introduced by a mutual friend at The Righteous Room in Cincinnati, Ohio. After this initial mee ...